MICHEL DESIGN WORKS Classic Linen Journal - Greenleaf

SKU: GL940498

Enjoy the fragrances of the Greenleaf Classic Linen Journal Set. Upping the Stationery style game, this 80-page lined Journal is perfect for keeping track of your plans, projects, lists, notes, thoughts, and more! Beautifully crafted, and made with an original signature pattern created by the Greenleaf talented in-house artists.

It also has a Small Sachet tucked inside, so from the moment you open the pages, soft notes of Greenleaf fragrances will flutter delicately through the air and whisk you away. Each Greenleaf sachet is made in the USA with biodegradable materials.

Fragrance: Fresh and Clean – Spring air & clean water, wrapped with floral and balsamic notes.

Style no: GL940498