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PAULA RYAN Scoop Neck Ruffled Mesh Sleeve Top - MicroModal


When a sleeve is given a little feminine embellishment, it adds a touch of feminine magic and creates a top that can be worn with everything from dressed up to casual. The added flounce makes it not a top for wearing under a jacket. It is definitely a stand alone top for hot summer days.

Measurements (cm):

  • Neck to hem(Back): XS=58.3 S=58.7 M=59.5 L=60.3 XL=61.1 2XL= 61.9 3XL=62.7.
  • Bust Circumference: XS=99 S=102 M=108 L=114 XL=120 2XL=126 3XL=132.
  • Waist:XS=88 S=91 M=97 L=103 XL=109 2XL=115 3XL=121.
  • Hem Width: XS=95 S=98 M=104 L=110 XL=116 2XL=122 3XL=128.
  • Drop Shoulder to Drop Shoulder: XS=52 S= 53.5 M= 56.5 L= 59.5 XL= 62.5 2XL= 65.5 3XL= 68.5
  • Sleeve (Head to Hem): XS=11.5 S=11.7 M= 12 L=12.3 XL=12.6 2XL=12.9 3XL=13.2.

Fabric: 90% MicroModal 10% Lycra & 100% Nylon

Style no. 8263