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PAULA RYAN Silk Print Soft Shirt - Animal Silk


A sophisticated animal print made in 100% silk - with a dramatic butterfly shock.

"Lightweight and comfortable, this shirt looks great buttoned and belted or loose over a lengthy singlet" - Paula.

Sizing Notes: This style runs true to size: S=10, M=12, L=14, XL=16, 2XL=18.

Measurements (cm):

  • Neck to hem(Back): XS=85.3 S=85.7 M=86.5 L=87.3 XL=88.1 2XL=88.9 
  • Bust Circumference: XS=104 S=107 M=113 L=119 XL=125 2XL=131 
  • Waist: XS=107 S=110 M=116 L=122 XL=128 2XL=134 
  • Hem Width: XS=119 S=122 M=128 L=134 XL=140 2XL=146 
  • Shoulder to Shoulder: XS=40.6 S= 41.4 M= 43 L= 44.6 XL= 46.2 2XL= 47.8 
  • Sleeve (Head to Hem): XS=59.8 S=60.2 M= 61 L=61.8 XL=82.6 2XL=63.4 

Fabric: Animal Silk

Style no. 8241