Transforming Your Home with Blue & White Ceramics.

Get ready to elevate your decor with the enchanting beauty of blue and white chinoiserie ceramics, where East meets West in a harmonious symphony of elegance.

With their intricate hand-painted designs and exquisite craftsmanship, blue and white ceramics effortlessly blend tradition and contemporary style. Join us on a journey of discovery as we delve into the fascinating history, versatile uses, and styling tips for incorporating these stunning ceramics into your home.

Magpie Home Erin Ginger Jar

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This artistic fusion of Eastern and Western traditions, characterized by detailed blue illustrations set against a pure white background, gives rise to an array of exquisite pieces that can elevate any home decor.

Among this plethora of stylish artifacts, ginger jars claim a special place for their multi-functional and aesthetic appeal. They effect is elevated when they are displayed together in a collection of various shapes and heights.

Ginger Jars in Blue and White

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Originating from a rich art history that dates to the 17th and 18th centuries, Chinoiserie, a term stemming from the French word for Chinese, 'chinois', stands as a testament to artistic harmony between distinctly diverse cultures.

Try these styling tips to display these stunning pieces into your home....

Magpie Home Ceramics

1. Coffee Table Centerpiece:

Place a generous sized white resin clam shell filled with hand-painted ceramic balls in the centre of your coffee table for an instant boost of elegance and texture.

Pair it with a small stack of your favorite coffee table books and/or a decorative tray. This setup won't disrupt daily living, due to its lower height, but will add an aesthetic appeal to your living room.

Magpie Home Ceramic Balls and Clam Shell

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2. Shelf Styling:

A collection of small ginger jars and blue & white decorative elements (see Owls below) can create a beautiful display when placed on open shelves or console tables.

Mix and match different shapes and sizes for an layered visual effect.

Add in some other decorative objects in neutral colours, or small sculptures, to break up the space and make the display more engaging.

Magpie Home Blue and White Ceramics

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3. Fireplace Mantel:

Large ginger jars can be placed on either side of your mantelpiece, adding height and grandeur to your living room. Pair these with a framed art piece or mirror in the middle for a balanced look.

Magpie Home Ceramics

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4. Entryway Display:

Welcome your guests with a statement piece right at the entrance.

A blue & white ceramic jar or vase on a console table with fresh flowers can set the tone for your home's aesthetic.

Styling with blue and white ceramics


Styling Large and XL Floor Ginger Jars:

Floor ginger jars, due to their impressive stature, are a magnificent addition to any space. The question is how to style them?!

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Magpie Home Birds Of Paradise Ginger Jar and XL Empire Ginger Jar

  • Statement Corner: Position a large or XL ginger jar in an unused corner of your room to create an attractive visual point. Pair it with a tall, leafy plant to bring in a touch of nature and a soft textural contrast.

  • Hallway Highlight: Use these floor jars to embellish your hallway or entryway. They look particularly good when a pair is positioned on both sides of console table. A set of varying sizes placed strategically can add depth and interest to these often-neglected areas.

  • Patio Elegance: If you have an outdoor patio or a sunroom, a blue & white Chinoiserie floor jar can add a surprising and refreshing twist. Pair it with outdoor furniture or a variety of green plants.

Magpie Home XL Ginger Jars 90cm

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Blue & white Chinoiserie-inspired ceramics offer a blend of classic and contemporary styles, making them a timeless addition to any home.

Magpie Home Blue & White Collection

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Blue & White chinoiserie styles back beautifully with white and wooden design elements. with natural elements for a serene, balanced look. Floral accents of orchids and green leaves add a softening effect.

Magpie Home Tel Aviv Jars

The beauty of blue & white Chinoiserie-inspired ceramics, especially ginger jars, lies in their classic appeal and their ability to seamlessly blend into modern homes. Adding these pieces to your decor allows you to carry a bit of art history in your space, infusing your home with a unique blend of beauty, personality, and sophistication.


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