Navy & White Stripes


When we think of classic patterns that have transcended time and fashion trends, navy and white stripes undoubtedly comes to mind. A mix of elegance and simplicity, it remains a symbol of understated sophistication and versatility.

A Brief Sojourn Through Time

The navy and white striped pattern finds its origins in the nautical world. This seafaring theme harks back to the French navy with their 'marinière' or sailor shirts.

French sailors wearing navy and white stripes

As decades went by, these stripes moved away from the decks of ships and anchored themselves firmly into the heart of the fashion world. It's a pattern that’s as equally at home on the streets of Paris or the Hamptons, as it is on the sun-soaked beaches of the French Riviera.

Audrey Hepburn wearing stripes




The Stripe Shirt Dress


An epitome of grace and casual elegance, the new COOPER Watch Out For The Ruffle Dress beautifully embodies the navy and white stripe theme.

This flattering A-line shirt dress speaks volumes and is an ideal style for dressed-up casual. The delicate ruffles on the sleeve add an element of playful femininity.

Best redeeming feature: The contrasting striped hemline.

COOPER Watch Out For The Ruffle Dress, $579


Long-line Shirt

Taking the stripe game a notch higher, the COOPER Shirt Game Shirt is where traditional meets modern. This oversized shirt is a great option for pairing with skinny white jeans or Capri pants. It exudes confidence, style, and a touch of playfulness.

Choose a size down from your usual size as this is a very large fit.

COOPER It's A Shirt Game Shirt, $479


Relaxed and uber-stylish, the COOPER Shirt Game Shirt is a masterclass in the oversized boyfriend shirt trend.


The Garden Party Dress

Spring beckons with garden parties and outdoor soirées. And what better way to step into this blooming season than with the COOPER Con-Dress Your Sins Dress? While retaining the timeless navy and white stripes, this dress offers an airy feel, making it ideal for a Spring garden party. Its elegant silhouette ensures you're the belle of the ball, or in this case, the garden.

COOPER Con-Dress Your Sins Dress, $629


Sporty Stripes


Always a popular seller, the CURATE Knit Show Dress in Black is a sport inspired A-line t-shirt dress with a yellow and white vertical stripe down each side.

Cooper It's a Shirt Show Shirt, Multi Stripe, $399






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