This week we feature the newest collection of PAULA RYAN winter 2023 fashion belts. A well-crafted belt provides both aesthetic and functional benefits, enhancing your outfit by defining your waist, adding visual interest, and contributing to a balanced, cohesive look.
Paula Ryan Horse Bit Belt
Above: The PAULA RYAN Metal Trimmed Leather Belt: Black/Nickel, Black/Gold and Nude/Gold.

This collection offers something for everyone, regardless of your shape, size, height, or personal style.  
This year, it's all about statement belts in timeless styles. A good belt collection will both elongate and elevate your winter wardrobe by providing the finishing touch.

In this post, we'll introduce you to five must-have belts from the PAULA RYAN collection and provide styling tips on how to wear them.

Paula Ryan Winter 2023 Belt Collection

The Ryan Chain Charm Belt

  • Features delicate charms hanging from a fashion gold chain
  • Electroplated in gold and interwoven with leather
  • Ideal for adding a touch of glamour to your outfit
  • Styling tip: Wear it with a high-waisted skirt, or over a floaty dress, to create a flattering silhouette.
Paula Ryan Chain Charm Belt

The Chunky Chain Belt

  • Designed a bold, oversized chain design
  • Available in three high-shine metallics: Gold, Silver/Gold + All Silver.
  • Can be adjusted to be worn up high or lower on the hips.
  • Styling tip: Pair it with your favorite oversized blazer and jeans for a chic, high fashion look. Lift and all-black outfit or dress in winter. Elevate an all- white look in summer.

Paula Ryan Chunky Chain Belt

The Horse Bit Belt

  • Inspired by equestrian style, this belt has a unique horse bit buckle at the front. Can be worn high or low and easily adjusted to fit your waist.
  • A large fit. S=10/12, M=14, L=16.
  • Adds a touch of sophistication to any ensemble
  • Styling tip: Wear it with tailored pants and a fitted blouse for a polished tailored look. Style it under a blazer, or pair it with a floaty or fitted dress.
Paula Ryan Horse Bit Belt

The Wide Buckle Belt

  • Features a prominent, oversized buckle
  • Great for cinching your waist and adding structure to your outfit
  • Styling tip: Use it to define your waist when wearing a long, flowy dress or a cozy winter coat.
Paula Ryan Wide Buckle Bet

The Soft Leather Belt

  • Made from supple, high-quality leather
  • Available in three colours: Black, Tan and Navy.
  • Lightweight making it ideal for travel.
  • Styling tip: Find the centre, hold it flat against your waist, then wrap around your back and bring it back to the front again to tie.

Paula Ryan Soft Leather Belt