When static electricity strikes, just as you are about to step out the door in a floaty dress or skirt - it can leave you feeling self-conscious and less than elegant.  Often rubbing the fabric in a bid to make it go away will increase the electricity making the static worse.

At Magpie Style, we have found a solution - in the form of Statique Spray.


What is Static Electricity?

Static is generated by movement or friction between two surfaces. It is a normal daily occurrence that can easily amended. Friction, rubbing, wiping, can all cause static build up and is very common when wearing man-made fabrics - regardless of quality.

Static causes uncomfortable problems such as clinging, bunching, sparking, dust attraction, and unpleasant shocks when touching objects.


What is Statique?

Statique is an anti-static spray which prevents static build up on fabrics. It is easy to use - just spray onto trouble spots:


 Pictured above: Statique Spray, $30 for a set of two bottles. Now available at Magpie Style 

Statique on Clothing

Spray the statique directly onto clinging clothes, pants, dresses, shirts, socks, sweaters.  It is best sprayed on the inside of the garment, and only a light mist is required.  Long gone are the days of your skirts and dresses clinging to your panty-hose and lingerie, so spray on the outside of these.


Add Statique to your washing machine and clothes dryer     

For washable items, three tablespoons in just enough water to cover a shirt, pants or skirt.  This is particularly useful for highly static fabrics such as polyester. Add Statique to the final rinse or with your fabrioc softener.

Spray into the clothes dryer - about 8 sprays. This will stop items clinging together when removed.




Carpets and Furnishings

Spray onto carpets to prevent statiuc zaps from door handles and other objects Or directly onto a cloth and wipe over your leather furniture for prevention of clinging to the sofa with your clothes.


At Home          

Spray Statique onto a cleaning cloth and wipe over TV screens, plastics, furniture, or even Venetian blinds to stop dust attraction.
Spray onto car seats and carpet to stop sparking as you alight from the vehicle.



Keep one in your bag for travel

Take a small bottle of Statique with you.  The static cling to fabrics on aircraft can be really embarrassing - On long flights the humidity gets as low as 5%, causing very high static charges.

Sometimes it will take a few hours for static to start building up on your outfit.  



How long does Statique last?

Statique will be effective on your fabrics until the next wash or dry cleaning. On carpets and furnishings, you may need to reapply once a month.


Can it be used on any fabric?

Statique can be used safely on most fabrics. Always test first if unsure. Statique may leave a watermark on shiny, glossy, satins and silks (similar to a spray starch). It is best to spray a very fine mist on the inside, or if washable use a final rinse with Statique added.  Alternatively you may spray undergarments or hosiery instead.  Some gold or metallic fabrics may not be compatible.

See here for product details on Statique.