What's Hot in Fashion Jewellery

Story by Bridget Hope - Wardrobe Director, Magpie Style

There's something magical about the powers of costume jewellery. It’s an affordable way to recharge your wardrobe, transform an old outfit and make a dull ensemble feel bright and sparkly again. When it comes to jewellery, this season it’s about making a statement. Wear your heart, not on your sleeve - but on your ears, collar or layered up on wrists.

Here's how...


This winter it’s all about big statement earrings. And yes, that means the bigger the better. Graphic and arty and just a little bit eccentric. Now is the time to pull out those door-knocker earrings from the eighties. Styled with today’s hair, makeup and clothing looks, they will be given a modern resurgence totally different than how they were worn in yesteryear.

Big earrings can often mean heavy which also serves to shorten their life expectancy on you. Seek out larger-than-life styles that are as light as a feather in feel. Donning heavy earrings is like wearing jeans too tight – you will lose the will to live very shortly into the day or night.

Above: Inspiration board: When big really is better!

Pictured above: FOUR CORNERS art deco earrings $79

Pictured above: FOUR CORNERS black floral necklace  $149



Think sleek graphic metallic earrings, neckpieces and cuffs, looking for light-weight metals. Fabulous when worn with top-to-toe all black or an all-white look.

Pictured above: DYRBERG KERN Anova shiny gold necklace $499

Above: DYRBERG KERN Riya shiny gold earrings  $279

Above: FOUR CORNERS collar necklace $129

Above: FOUR CORNERS modern floral necklace $149

 Four Corners Petal Earrings

FOUR CORNERS petal earrings  $89



Intricate Victorian style pieces are back and complement the rich jewel hues or ruby, emerald and ochre colours coming through in clothing. But here again they need to be big. Look for lace-like styles interwoven with sparkling jets and delicate jewels.

Pictured above: FOUR CORNERS square drop earrings $99



Proof that you can make a fashion trend out of almost anything, Dior sent models down the runway wearing layered up wristbands that you would expect to see at Coachella. This was then mixed with thin almost hippy-like string bracelets which saw many a fashion influencer clamouring to replicate the chosen look. Bracelets are taking on almost skin like qualities with layers of thin and slightly hippy looking bands seen lathering up wrists.

Pictured above: LE FORGE wrap around bracelet  $30



Karl Largefeld has been doing it for decades and it has finally trickled down into mainstream. Mix your precious metals with bold knockout rings across the knuckles for a toughie-sticker-take on ringing up the bling. Mix high and low for the look of effortless chic. Cheap-as chips mingling with break-the-bank jewels – I like it!

Pictured above: DYRBERG KERN sculpt ring $199

Pictured above: DYRBERG KERN orbita ring  $239


*Story first published first by Metropol Magazine, Feb 17, 2018









Are the 4corner earnings navy blue and black and can you tell me how long they are. Thought they may go with my blue wedding dress
Love your jewellery
Sharon Emirali

— Sharon Emirali