There's nothing I love more (in fashion) that the collaboration between an international designer and a high street brand. It gives the rest of us a taste of owning a designers style without the hefty price tag that true high-fashion brings.

When Marni collaborated with H&M in 2012, I was ready to line up outside the Singapore flagship store at 3am to covet the few Marni for H&M pieces that were coming into the country. Being seven months pregnant at the time, I thought better of it in the final hour.

And it wasn't just me that caught the frenzy - everyone from interns to CEO's were lining up for a slice of the pie.

Brand collaborations democratize high-fashion by making them accessible to us all. If anything the stakes are higher for a designer to perform as the production runs are larger as is the worldwide attention. If a style flops under their own label, it can be brushed under the carpet, but if it flops with a major chain-store retailer - the whole world is watching with their bowl of popcorn at the ready.

The Victoria Beckham for Target collection is now available for viewing on the Target US store. And while Target US doesn't ship to NZ, we can get access to it via NZ Post's U Shop. It goes on sale on April 9 and if something catches your eye, I suggest you have your IPhone at the ready from the time the site goes live. The best pieces generally tend to sellout within a few hours.

The VB for Target collection sees 150 pieces for women, girls, toddlers and babies. This is very large by collaboration standards and for the first time in Target's history they are including sizes up to US 16 (size 20 in NZ). I'm quite sure the VB designer label only reaches a size 14.

Having scoured the entire collection diligently online these are my three top looks. See if you can beat me to the checkout on April 9!

1. Look 6. Navy and white lace sweater US $30, with black cropped trousers US $40. This is a seriously cool tailored look and I am keen to see how it transpires in the flesh. At $70 for the top and bottom, I'm not expecting for the fabrics to be flash but would be happy to covet this one VB look even if it lasts for just one season.

2. Look 8: Blue and white stripe Poplin dress, US $35. A cute summer weekend or holiday dress. For those of us who don't like showing off our legs - this would look equally cute styled with some white or navy Paula Ryan capri leggings

And for the little girls in our lives....

Look 1. Toddlers Blush Drop Dress, US $23.
This is my pick from all of the kids-wear. If I can get online in time, my god daughter Isabelle will definitely be acquiring this little number for her birthday this year!

Victoria Beckham for target

As with many designer collaborations, not all of the pieces are spot on - but you can usually find something that inspires or delights the eye.