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CAMILLA Loose Fit Tee - Hampton Hive



A black t-shirt bejewelled with decadent details, the Hampton Hive Loose Fit Tee. Delicate florals and CAMILLA crystals work in harmony to create a print that looks as though necklaces have been layered over this relaxed t-shirt. The result? An eye-catching tee that elevates a casual pant or complements bolder prints.

- Hampton Hive Loose Fit Tee
- Inspired by English gardens and antique markets
- Camilla core tee
- Available in size 3XL
- Black print with pink floral accents
- Casual wear
- Scoop neck
- Short sleeve
- Relaxed fit
- Crystal embellishment

Fabric: 95% Modal, 5% Elastane

Style no: 10505

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