How to wear belts and make them work for you.

Sometimes it's the simplest accessories that can make or break a look. A great belt can be the perfect full-stop to complete your outfit at any given time.

Belts almost never go out of fashion, and if they do, they always come back into style - regardless of shape, colour or embellishment. Even the most outlandish belt will work it's way back into trend reports given enough time.


Whether your style is classic, boho, tailored, or expressive, there’s a belt for everyone and in-turn every look. Identifying your personal style is a great place to start when shopping for belts. It will steer you in the right direction to compliment, rather than clash, with your preferred clothing choices.

Below: The wrap or Obi belt is a style that works well with every style-personality due to its cinched minamalist shape.

Below: Marga wears: The Paula Ryan leather wrap belt in black $230

Available and now back in stock - in black and navy.



Want to know a classic style secret, that’s not so secret?
Style a belt around the narrowest part of your waist. This will draw attention and create visual shape and interest.

Pictured: Adding a waisted belt over a dress or blouse can change a simple style into a hot ticket number and add modernity to your look.

Below: PAULA RYAN Large Eyelet Belt, $240 - with 6cm depth

Paula Ryan Large Eyelet Belt 

Below: Paula Ryan Eyelet leather belt $240 - with 4cm depth


To belt or not to belt.

If adding a belt makes you feel like a stuffed sausage - abort the mission immediately, as it will hold your unwanted attention for the rest of day. As such, avoid belting heavy oversized sweaters or thick weighty coats.

Pictured: A belt over a fine jacket or blazer is a fun modern way to define your waist and have you looking pulled together.

Below: Paula Ryan Braided Leather Belt $250 - Available in black and ivory



If you want your belt to shine, avoid adding too many other competing accessories. 

Weaving a scarf through the loops of your skirts or jeans will add a new dimension and creative element to your look.

Pictured below: Paula Ryan Star Scarf $215 
This style is long enough to work as both a neck-scarf or belt.



You can never go wrong by adding gold or silver to an outfit. Try wearing metal accented belts with matching shoes and jewelry to polish the look.

Below : Trelise Cooper 'Adding a Notch' belt - was $99, now $49

Below: Trelise Cooper 'Adding a Notch' belt - was $99 now $49


As we age, the first thing to go can be our waist. Regardless of diet or exercise, excess weight seems to migrate to this area leaving us feeling self-conscious at times. Here, a cinched waist can often leave you feeling worse!

Opt for belts that can be loosened and worn lower across the top of your hips. Wearing a feature buckle off to the side and slung a little lower can work wonders to draw attention away from your most self conscious area and flatter a fuller waistline.

Watch VIDEO HERE on our Number 1 selling style. Pictured below.

This style is designed to flatter all waistlines  due to it's adjustable back and curved shape.

The Paula Ryan Hook & Oval Belt, $215 in Nickel or Matt Gold.

Paula Ryan Hook and Oval Belt

Paula Ryan Hook and Oval Belt in gold


Wider styles look great on longer torsos as it will give the appearance of having a smaller waist. On the flip-side, a shorter waist looks best with a thinner belt as it creates the illusion of length.

Below: Wide belts suit long bodies.

Below: Narrow belts work best on short-waisted figures.

 Paula Ryan hook and loop adjustable belt $220



The quality of leather or raw materials is paramount to how long a belt will last. Store your belts wrapped in a coil to help keep their shape. A high-quality belt won't wear and tear and will last decades in your wardrobe making it a key accessory worth investing in.

Pictured below: The Paula Ryan leather zipper belt $295



A high-quality black leather belt is a wardrobe staple. Failproof with denim, black pants, skirts and dresses - it can play a central role in your outfit for years to come and styles back magically with other black accessories. 

Below: Paula Ryan Macrame Belt $155 

Paula Ryan Macrame Belt




Great post ! Enjoy your styling tips Louise .

— Susan Hislop