It's time to bring out the peacock within you

OK winter - Enough already! We embrace the arrival of Spring. 

Jewel tones inspired from nature and ornithology are big on the fashion agenda this coming season. With hues like amethyst, sapphire, ruby and emerald, this luxurious colour palette can make any outfit and state-of-mind feel fresh and invigorated.

Here's how to ease into Spring's rich jewel palette.


Easy Does It

Jewel tones provide a strong statement colour palette to wear, so you can either go deep and embrace it or start subtle in your wardrobe. If you are a black or navy devotee, the easiest way to incorporate jewel  tones is with accessories. In the manner of shoes, hand bags or scarves. You will get great cost-per-wear by being able to cross-pollinate outfits with these simple adornments.

Pictured below: FOUR CORNERS Miami earrings $99


Pairing Back and Down

With big brand designers fulfilling our wardrobe-dreams this spring, it’s easy to get carried away and want EVERYTHING!! 

Luckily, jewel tones look great on pretty much every skin tone and hair-colour. If you wear one jewel coloured piece, try it with denim or white for a fresh brightened look, or a white shirt or tee to pair it back.  Keep your make-up fresh and introduce bright red or fushcia lips to pop the look.

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Pictured below: TRELISE COOPER Gold Shoulder blazer $799.

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Neutrals Against Jewels

This rich, colourful trend looks virtuous when leaning up against the earthy tones of beige, fawn or cream. Neutrals provide the backdrop here and will allow the jewel tone to stand out and take centrestage.





Be Bold and Just Do It!

Are you starting to feel daring yet? Good.. Let's switch it up a gear to wearing two or more luxe tones together. This gilded palette is made for each other, so the more you can pull off at once, the more you will feel confident in your outfit stride. A nude or leopard heel will works wonders with this look, because it’s not competing.




Giddy up

With race season just mere few months away, it’s never too early to start contemplating your outfit.

When choosing your ensemble, if opting for jewel prints, keep your head-piece simple and a singular tone rather than multi dimensional. The look is bright, fun and colourful, and one that is sure to put a smile on your face - head to toe in beautiful tones.


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Rich Interiors

Not just for the wardrobe, jewel tones are also being embraced in interiors and home styling too. Highlighting these colours with golds takes it to a new level of opulance.


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