This week, we are thrilled to unveil our latest gem: Tigers in Paris, direct from Singapore, featuring flattering dresses and tops in organic cotton. 


Tigers in Paris to Magpie Style

Organic Cotton
Specializing in block printed cotton, Tigers in Paris has an undeniable affinity for fabrics and prints that drape well and feel luxurious against the skin. From the whisper of silk to the soft caress of organic cotton, each piece is made by hand and printed for the garment with block wood printing.

Tigers in Paris Millie Dress

Tigers in Paris Block Printing

SHOP HERE: Tigers in Paris Millie Dress, $279

Designed to flatter
What sets Tigers in Paris apart is its commitment to designs that flatter the body. The collection boasts an eclectic mix of the bohemian spirit with off-duty dressing.

Tigers in Paris Lotus Dress

SHOP HERE: Tigers in Paris Lotus Dress, Gingham $369

Perfectly Priced Weekend + Off Duty Dressing
Tigers in Paris is a celebration of accessible luxury – offering impeccably designed garments that are as well-priced as they are well-made. 

Tigers in Paris Blouse

 SHOP HERE: Tigers in Paris Drawcord Ruffle Blouse, White $269

Tigers in Paris



About designer Zdenka

Why Tigers in Paris Belongs in Your Wardrobe
At Magpie Style we have always believed in curating collections that resonate with depth, quality and longevity.  Tigers in Paris seamlessly aligns with this vision, offering pieces that are not only visually captivating but also versatile and long-wearing. It's a brand for those who dare to dream, to stand out, and to weave their own stories of style.

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Welcome to the bold and the beautiful.
Welcome to Tigers in Paris at Magpie Style.
Tigers in Paris Lotus 2.0 Dress