New Brand Alert: ALQUEMA

Alquama at Magpie Style

  • Innovative Pleating: Alquema's signature heat-set pleating ensures garments maintain their shape and texture, blending durability with elegance.


  • Rainbow Brights: A spectrum of colors from vibrant summer shades to subdued winter tones, catering to every mood and occasion.

SHOP HERE: Alquema Collare Coat Peach Lemonade, $399, Estrella Dress Peach Lemonade, $399. Alquema Collare Coat in Dazzling Blue, $399, Estrella Dress in Dazzling Blue, $399.



SHOP HERE: Alquema Collare Coat Flame to Beet, $399, Estrella Dress Falme to Beet, $399. Alquema Collare Coat in Smoky Rose, $399, Estrella Dress in Smoky Rose, $399.


  • Perfect for Travel: Ideal for packing, these pieces are lightweight and rollable, ready-to-wear upon arrival, making travel hassle-free.



  • Versatile Layers: Suited for weddings, events, or day wear. Pair the Estella Dress and Coat for a sophisticated ensemble, or style separately.
  • Light and Easy: Designed for ease and elegance, Alquema’s garments are the go-to for those seeking practical yet stylish wardrobe options.

  • One Size, Multiple Fits: Unique to Alquema, the heat-set pleats allow garments to flatteringly fit sizes 8 through 18/20.

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