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PAULA RYAN ESSENTIALS Easy Fit Half Sleeve Scoop Neck Top - MicroModal


A half sleeve on a top is one of the most flattering, yet casual sleeves to wear. It being easy fit also, covers the waist area and the small side darks and scoop neck make it an ideal choice for most women.

  • Italian yarn derived from a 100% completely natural sustainable source of material the Beech Tree. No artificial irrigation or planting required.
  • With softness as the principle, Modal fibre is twice as soft as cotton.
  • Knitted in Italy, the result is a light, soft silky handle maintained for the life of the garment.
  • Adjusts the body's temperature to suit the conditions due to its hygroscopic (water absorbent) qualities.
  • Shrink resistant, pill free and non fade qualities.


  • Neck to hem(Back): S=64.4 M=65.2 L=66 XL=66.8 2XL=67.6 3XL=68.4.
  • Bust Circumference: S=90 M=96 L=102 XL=108 2XL=114 3XL=120.
  • Waist: S=93 M=99 L=105 XL=111. 2XL= 117 3XL =123.
  • Hem Width: S=106 M=112 L=118 XL=125 2XL=130 3XL=136.
  • Shoulder to Shoulder (Across Back): S= 36.4 M= 38 L= 39.6 XL= 41.2 2XL=42.8 3XL=44.4.
  • Sleeve Length (Head to Hem): S=32.2 M=33 L=33.8 XL=34.6 2XL=35.5 3XL=36.2.

Fabric: MicroModal

Style no. 6833